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The Orangutan Experience - Event Information
$400.00 up to 4 attendees
$50.00 per additional attendee
Max 8 attendees
On this private tour, guests will get a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how we care for the orangutans at the zoo. The tour is lead by a guide who has worked with the apes and knows them personally. Guests will learn all about orangutan behavior and conservation efforts. This up-close and personal tour will give your family and friends an educational experience that will create lasting memories. Guests will meet some of our orangutans and see them in close proximity at one of our orangutan exhibits that isn’t open to the general public.
The tour begins outside the zoo at the Treetop Zoofari building. Participants will hop on our private tour vehicle and be driven through behind-the-scenes areas on the way to the orangutan exhibit. Participants will pass various African hoofstock like kudu, bongos, and Dama gazelles. When the group arrives at the orangutan exhibit, Patrick and Lucu (two of our male orangutans) will be waiting in their outside habitat to greet the visitors. The guide will share all about the orangutans at the zoo including their life histories and different personalities!
Next, the group will enter the orangutan’s night house and learn all about how we care for these amazing apes. Participants will enter the orangutan’s bedrooms and be able to decorate the walls with chalk and lay out some enrichment items for the apes to play with when they come in for the night. Guests are welcome to take photos. The tour last approximately 45 – 60 minutes.
Ages 6 and up. At the advisement of our veterinarian and for the safety of our orangutans, all guests ages 12 and older must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination to attend the Orangutan Experience. All individuals must wear N95 masks during the tour. If you do not have an N95 mask, one will be provided.
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